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❝it's MIA❣❞
☛gender: girl☚

❤i love marvel❤
♫ (song playing now): ♦↵skillet−save me↵♦

❤❤❤❤ My friends❤❤❤❤
♕ღ ❤❤mario508 my bf i love him! so much❤❤
♕ღ moon the demon my sister
♕ღ best friend: ADEDDJ66
☛ my friend that helped me
♕ღ best friend: jack170
☛ my friend that helps me and very kind
♕ღbest friend: STEVE ROGERS
☛ a great friend that i need, he is a awesome friend! make sure be nice to him!!
♕ღbest friend:maistgamer
☛he's the best friend ever i need him the most he helps me alot
♕ღbest friend: bren2007
☛ bren is a amazing friend!
♕ღbest friend: spiderman
☛ a awesome superhero!
♕ღbest friend: cowward
☛ my main best friend that i need, she's make me smile all the time!
♕ღbest friend:luigi208
☛ i miss him! luigi is a great friend to me
♕ღbest friend: pack4
☛ pack is a great friend hes a cute pika!
♕ღbest friend:simple flip 2
☛ simple is funny, caring,and sweet friend to have
♕ღbest friend:icy heart
☛ she's the best friend ever! she's funny
♕ღbest friend: unicorngamer
☛ great fiend to me
♕ღbest friend: dragonfire
☛ my mian best friend to me
♕ღbest friend: gacha
☛ a funny friend to me
♕ღbest friend; yani
☛ i miss her, she's a great friend
♕ღbest friend: hater
☛ funny friend to me
♕ღbest friend: angelina lim
☛ best best best! friend to me
♕ღbest friend: lilymae
☛ she's sweet and kind and she's funny great friend
♕ღbest friends: redbud
☛great friend to me!
♕ღbest friend: MOMO2022
☛best friend and she's nice
☛great friend to me
☛great friend to me, funny, kind