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Joined KoGaMa on Mar 2, 2019


Aint no way im letting you read that

my ig/snap: ic3disaac

MY BANNED OG ACCOUNT: https://www.kogama.com/profile/9370488/

The following sh*t was from like back in 2018 lmao have fun:

(Before starting my bio, I want to say that if you want to join my clan, you have to spend at least 25 gold my changing your name with an "Mr." and than your usernmane! )


Easy right!? lets make it the biggest clan in KOGAMA than!

Leader: Fancy Pineapple ________________________________________________________
Mr. MagCzs
Mr. Neono
Mr. Dinji
Mr. Mayer
Im MagCzs,Ossas,Wardon,_old legnd_, England Queen,B I N G O (A.k.a Old legend) this is my account and I would like to introduce myself!

Joined kogama: 2016
Name: Steven
Age: 14
Current Place: Arizona
Likes: Gym, calisthenics, building and sleeping
Best season: Fall
I Like playing video games on free time.
My previous account is Old Legend, go check it out! Youll find some of the best creations in This whole site!

My fav youtubers: DailyDose of internet, daily dropout, angry picnic.

I do not have exceptions on accepting requests, be nice I will react same.
Don't be a jerk!
Everyone is worth it, and we get wiser with time!

I was just a normal player like everyone, but by time i got new skills and achieved weekly highlights and many other awards!

Got 3 of my games on Kizi. com
My games are played more than 2 million times!
Got 10k gold from only selling models!

I like building adventure and awesome games!

Aight thats all for now
Cya shqipe