.-Crystal Snow-.

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Hey everyone!! Let's start with mah bio! * C o U g h* *C o U g H* In a 3... 2... 1...

NAME: Blanche
AGE: 10
BIRTHDAY: January 29 2009
COUNTRY: Australia
FAV COLOR: Pink and Blue and White
BFF'S (best friend forever): -_Lynn_-, Itz_candy playz, Twfluffpup, Eya Chan,_.-Cat-._
FAV FOOD: Ice Cream, Apple, Lemon, Chocolate, Cheese
FAV SONG: i dunnoo?? i have 102 fav songs XD

Hewo Everyone! <3 I'm sorry but i'm not the real Itz_Crystal Snow and the sound of blanche is blanch... =.= if you don't understand my name just search Google Translate, it will help you, Well i hope you have a great day! BYEEEEE!!