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All i want is people to feel good and happy if anyone is sad I will make you feel better and at least try if I make someone sad I might leave kogama but if your sad listen to this: dont close your eyes cause your futures ready to shine its just a matter of time before we learn how to fly Best friends Miasaphoe the best and sweetest person to ever meet, skyrangerxx, STEVE ROGERS even tho hes a bit rude but still good, FROGGIE PRO, mario508 he is really like mia too, maistgamer, Simple filps 2, luigi208, sharkshooter,sahand 1000, v-xXDAVIDXx-v ice king 2, wolf king XD, BigMac25 (dont laugh its rude to laugh at someones name), gabby8116, RTOMA,narturo23,Scorpmine14,ddp666, yak, TheCookieCat, ALE SEGURA-1, and dany hulk