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All i want is people to feel good and happy if anyone is sad I will make you feel better and at least try if I make someone sad I might leave kogama but if your sad listen to this: dont close your eyes cause your futures ready to shine its just a matter of time before we learn how to fly Best friends Miasaphoe the best and sweetest person to ever meet, cowword progamer71234, skyrangerxx, STEVE ROGERS even tho hes a bit rude but still good, FROGGIE PRO, metal sonic 2019, HALF FIRE KING101PRSKY, mario508 he is really like mia too, maistgamer, Simple filps 2, dragonfire5892, luigi208, XxRochiiixX (i think she likes me), sharkshooter, Super Mario on games, Phantom Step, 0Deadpool, and sahand 1000