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Joined KoGaMa on Jun 2, 2019

Im getting bored of playing this sh*t...
If you want to buy my account, ask me on pv.

I don't accept every friends request, u must be someone important if u want to be my friend.

Please, if you send me a friend request and I didn't accept it, don't send it again, its really annoying.

About me:
KoGaMa username: _R3Z4_
Discord: Ask me on pv.
YouTube: Later...
Country: Poland :(
Born: April, 2004
Languages: Polish, English.

FR - https://friends.kogama.com/profile/225480/
BR - https://kogama.com.br/profile/6318714/

Im good at PvP, but I guess not the best :(

I can only create games, I don't have that skills to make models and avatars.


Game of the Week:
1. https://www.kogama.com/games/play/7509877/ #227

Model of the Week:
1. None

Avatar of the Week:
1. None

Plays badges:
1m - https://www.kogama.com/games/play/6909768/

Most players online in one game: 300

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Local: ?local=1
Web: ?webgl=1
Standalone: ?standalone=1

Last update: 03/09/2019