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Joined KoGaMa on Jun 11, 2019

✭《Welcome to my profile!》✭

!!! I don't accept friend requests !!!(and if i do then i know you)

Name:Planet Eater
Nickname: noodle,bidi
Age:old enough?
Hobby's:drawing,building in kogama
Friends server:lilCookie
Discord: ⭐ Space Noodle ⭐#7578
Things i'm good at: Building anime characters(imo)
Fav movie:Godzilla (KOTM), Edge of Tomorrow
Fav kaiju:Ghidorah
Language:German, i speak russian but i don't write in it, english

useless stuff down below

the tablet i use : one by wacom
my phone : huawei P30 lite
drawing program: Photoshop ( ibis paint X for phone)

!!! I repeat: I don't accept Friend requests !!!

also i post random things don't mind them ewe

Last Update in 16th august