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Informations About me:
►You can call me: Gibe
►Old Name: gibe18
►Real Name: John
►Nationality : Greek
►Languages to speak: English, French, Greek
►I joined at KoGaMa on 7 November 2018 but in fact I joined on 2017 because I played with not account because i could not create an account. I had old accounts but it has hacked or I forgot my password. Now, this is my main account and I have another accounts.
►My first KoGaMa game to played is ;WAR 4 in old good time. This time is unforgettable for me and I miss it
►The best year to played Kogama was 2018. That time, KoGaMa was more nice than now. I had fun. And 2019-2020 was good years but I prefer 2018. 2019 was good year because, that year I created this account and I met friends. 2020 was good year because at October of 2019, I left KoGaMa and at January of 2020 I came back. I met New friends and I found some my old friends. But there is old good friends and I have not see them again before I left:(. I miss them so much and I hope to meet them again but I think, I will never meet them again because they left Kogama.
►2020, I was 12 Level and I reached 38 Level in 5 months!!! This is my the best record. Now I am 39 Level. I am very good builder and I am one of the best creators in Greece. I am famous KoGaMa player and there is so much people to admire me! I am so happy for it and I will try to be better.
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Social Media:
Discord: Gibe#0135
Youtube: (My YouTube videos deleted but new channel is coming at summer)
Spotify: Gibe
Twitch: Gibe
I have Instagram account and other but they are private.
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KGM Friends: https://friends.kogama.com/profile/319781/
KGM BR: https://kogama.com.br/profile/7358132/

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1 million Plays: - (I will have 1 millions plays soon)
2 millions plays: -
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