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Joined KoGaMa on Jun 20, 2019

=============About me=============
I'm Gibe, a greek KoGaMa player. I learned about KoGaMa late in 2016 and I joined the game early in 2017 as a tourist. I created my first accounts on 2018 but unfortunately I have lost them except one called "GIBE 27" that I lost it but I got it back on 2020. I created this account when I lost on 2019 that account. How exactly I learned & joined about KoGaMa is a history.
I contributed on KoGaMa by helping with the KoGaMa wiki and I became a Wiki helper on Official KoGaMa Discord Server. I'd like to help KoGaMa on other things too at the future.
===Accounts on other KoGaMa servers===
Friends: https://friends.kogama.com/profile/319781/
BR: https://kogama.com.br/profile/7358132/
============Social Media============
Twitter: https://twitter. com/Gibekogama?s=09
Discord: https://discord. gg/ZNfsWePGub
Note: Theese are my KoGaMa-related social media, I keep private other personal like Instagram.
============Contact me=============
You can contact me using the below social medias. If you haven't anything of them then write a comment on my account if it isn't something personal.
I recommend Discord the most because I more active there instead of other. You can contact me on Discord without being in my server if you're member of these Official KoGaMa Discord server. (Discord: Gibe#4668)
Last bio update: 29th November 2021