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Joined KoGaMa on Jun 28, 2019

Hello there.
Here some info about how you can contact me.

I made an Instagram account.
-The username is _.kogama_andi._
-You can ask me questions at Instagram.
-If it is too private there is a low chance that I will tell you depends who you are.
-Got any ideas about what avatar I should create? you can always ask me.
-How to let me know about an idea for an avatar I should create?

The ways are.

For making an anime character or another character, like Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
-Send me a message and tell me the name of the anime character or a photo.

For making a character (Your own idea)
-Please send me a sketch.
-Telling me how it needs to looks like, I can try to make a sketch and see if it is almost the same as your idea what you thought.

Some info about me.
I am sometimes online.
If you want to know more about me that won't happen, unless your a real friend to me.

For the fake friends, unfriend me if you are a fake friend.
I rather be friendless than having fake friends around me.
I know that I am most times alone.

Something about me.
I don't need more friends most of them are fake.
Hard to see who fake is and who isn't fake.
Sometimes it's easy to see.
Fake friends are a waste of my time.
So unfriend me if you are a fake friend.