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Welcome to my profile!:block_stylin:
Greetings Everyone, my Username is Algzera and I am 15 years old and I love building New Games, entering a contest if I want to, and train to become a pro master of a sniper. I playing a game for over 1 year now. I know about little logic but I can help you and I am a YouTube with 100 subs. I am English, but I can speak a little Spanish, Nice to meet you, everyone! :D

Upcoming maps in 2021-2022:
~ Chucky: The Killer Doll: I am creating a Chucky that will surprise everyone which you have to find a way to exit a house and use the Curse Circle to destroy Chucky. This game will release in the coming soon and made go to HOTW.
~ [Press ❤] ⚒ CTK Boys vs Mr. Chang [Press ❤] ⚒ I am creating a different game like the other game but CTF and Kill Limit but I am getting a different way from all other games.
~ [Press ❤] Oh Wow! Amazing Parkour Press ❤] ⚒I am creating a Parkour like the Similarly to Oh Yeah Parkour from _ KaMyK_ but I will create something but besides not copying his game.

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Second Account WWW: メAlgzeraメ-
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Discord: Algzera#4364

Girlfriend: _DarkLantern:

My favorite friends!
1) Maggie303
2) Moha_on2 Games YT
3) -ツメღ հօɾղҽԵ ღメツ-
4) CrazyGamerGuy

Friend Rules!
1) Don't be mean to me
2) Don't beg for gold it will be ok
3) Don't touch my project or delete everything

Thanks for visiting my profile!
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