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Welcome to my profile!
Hey everyone, my name is Algzera and I am 15 years old and I love to go WAR 4 every time for the master of a sniper. I playing a game for over 1 year now. I know about little logic but I can help you and I am a YouTube with 100 subs. I am English, but I can't speak more than a languages. I was born in the USA in 2005. Nice to meet you, everyone! :D

Upcoming maps in 2020-2021:
-The Best Secret Agent Parkour: The Secret Agent Parkour was my first map to reach 100 likes, and now it's dead. I and my brother are gonna re-update this old game and turn it into a very cool pro parkour game! Stay turned coming in next month
- [Press ❤] ⚒ Boys VS Pandas ⚒ [Press ❤]- Make my new map, Boys vs Pandas , I will start building the game in the next months or Jan.
- [Press ❤] ⚔️ Team WAR Battle ⚔️ [Press ❤]- Make my new map, Team WAR Battle , I will start building the game in Mar.
- Inside a Spherical - I will build a Inside a Spherical and turn into a parkour and I will start building in Mar or April.

Member of The IP Congress & Soldier of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth [ KPL ] - Imperium Polskie [ IP ]
Send friendship to if you want to join the KPL - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

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Second Account WWW: Dark Slavery -
YouTube: Algzera -
Discord: Algzera#4364

Girlfriend: -Chichi -

My favorite friends!
1) Maggie303
2) Moha_on2 Games YT
3) -ツメღ հօɾղҽԵ ღメツ-
4) CrazyGamerGuy

Friend Rules!
1) Don't be mean to me
2) Don't beg for gold it will be ok
3) Don't touch my project or delete everything

Thanks for visiting my profile!
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