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..why noone not talking to me..i feel painful everyone thinks i'm heartless and a freak i acutally agree with that..i'm heartbroken i've had enough there's nothing that i can do about it your hurting my feelings i have 1000 bad days...YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?! HUH THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! YOU ALREADY IGNORING ME LIKE SO MANY TIMES and.. i don't wanna live i just wanna be is pain i'm in pain..but..i guess you won't forgive me that prank...i've just asking question by myself.. you know what will happen to me?..i'm so won't even talk..if this is a prank or not i'm gonna die and i won't live anymore because of you..i'm sorry but..i'm a failure..i'm so done already.i thought your mad...any last words?..