〤ღ Lιly-Posion-HεαᶉT ღ〤

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ஐ☢ロ ῳɛƖƈơɱɛ ɬơ ɱყ ℘ཞơʄıƖ!!!
My name is Lily posion-heart. U can just call me Lily or Julie... I dont mind. anyway, i like animals. not just real animals but also mystical ones ( i know they r not real so DONT think im stupid ) like dragons and pegasus or even just hybrids like wolf-dogs. also my bestest freind in real life has an account on kogama. U should check it out! her name is Angle the Queen of Dimonds. i have a dog. his name is leo. Also, some funny things have happened in my life. One time i took a flight to a different country... AND WE LOST OUR BAGS AT THE WRONG CAROUSEL! also i remember there was once a BAD car crash RIGHT by my home. pretty scary XD. so theres not really much more news here. so u should remember to be nice and kind to eachother to help make our world... eh... not so fighty kinda. ok cya and ma freinds... be safe! ஐ