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hello people who are reading this here are things you should know about me fave band's sabaton and ajr fave color black like my soul fave food pizza, taco's and seafood worst thing's about my life i have depression,anxiety,social anxiety,and a eating disoarder fave show rick and morty best thing in life my friend's sad thing's that have happend my cousins died in front of me and i live next to the grave yard they were buried and fave friend's are antman23,slberlanwolf,sadgirledits,coffee presso,popper1357,love mighe12876,starky711,gamer joseph,an59780,yasminapoop,yolo1350,turushina-chan,lovelanedog,midnight_queen,adison ray,pikachu chiquita,and winter the princess of wolfs,hailey816 and erika-diggs and if i did not include your name it is because i can't include all 242 friend's but i still like all of you guys i am super emo and i hate life i am dead inside hope you are not like me and hate everything if you are wondering why i am depressed and have all this stuff my friend killed himself fave subjects history,science,and social studys my best subject is history fact ww2/world war 2 was the bloodiest war so far and more than 60 million poeple died in world war two makeing it the bloodiest conflict in human history fave song by each band or two fave songs or three are sober up birthday party and finaly by ajr the lost battalion and caroulus rex by sabaton and pumped up kicks by foster the people sorry i didn't mention it in the bands thing ;)
zodiac sign:squrpio
fave animal squrpion spirit animal alpha wolf or squrpion and fave youtuber markaplier jacksepticeye and vanoss gaming
people i hate perverts that harass my girlfriend and i also like the band queen
fave thing to do is hunt my hobbie is being with friends and breaking the law that is it
happiness: 0%
lvl of depression: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%
how i want to die in the most pain full way cause i love to feel pain
i enjoy seeing things and people suffer
one thing i will is read books i like reading
and well i hope you don't become me and please try to avoid the stuff i have
and i might have mentle problems
my best friends
midnight flower
and XDovly lovey the popular girlX
oh your still here oy f u c k off
you filfy prick
i am mostly russian my dad is dead

**** off leave me alone