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hej witam na moim profilu, chcia... czekaj czekaj.. po co ja to pisze? aby pawel lat 12 z broda i 2 metrami wzrostu znalazl mnie i zgwalcil? abys ty, naiwny czlowieczku wiedzial kim jestem? nie dla psa

alone to kupa i tyle w temacie jak masz inne zdanie to... idk, twoja sprawa

ps. kocham ponad wszystko millie bobby brown <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
ps. kocham ponad wszystko stranger things
ps. wait a przypadkiem to nie jest tak ze mozna dac tylko jedno post scriptum? a walic
ps. lubie wydawac na ta gre hajs
ps. lubie grac w for... a nie czekaj przeciez nie mam 10 lat czk
ps. lubie grac w smite

black list
dr. brenner
i ten ruski siusiak co go hopper sklepal pod starcout


Let's go back to Indiana, circa Nineteen Eighty-Three
Just four boys in the basement chillin' playin' D&D
There was Lucas there was Willy Will and Dustin, there was Mike
But one night Will goes missing while he’s riding on his bike – yikes!

That's when they met me Elev
I had no hair on my head
I had been so close to dead
Courtesy of Dr. Brenner who's huntin' me twenty-four sev

Joyce was hanging Christmas lights in the web
Started hearing something Willy had said
This could be a message from the beyond
What happened to Barb? She’s just gone in the Upside Down

Hopper's on top of the case
I'm throwing vans into space
I'm lying down in a tank
Trying my best to find Willy and Dustin's got pudding for days

Demogorgon's getting' all in my way
Blast him to pieces just like a grenade
Will's now at home coughin' slugs in the sink
What happened to me? I'm in the Upside Down

What about now? The saga continues, tune in to see how
Upside down. What about now? The saga continues, tune in to see how