Joined KoGaMa on Oct 9, 2019

Hi guys!!!! I'm Definitely going to be a Senior Now in 2022. Im definitely doing band still lol!!

Im still using this Laptop I got for Christmas in 2020 which is definitely amazing and better than a Chromebook ;P

I have been getting older, HECK YEAH?!??! (I think). Another thing, the older you get, the tougher it gets. *I think so....*

I am a Youtuber and my channel name is Popper1357, My channel is currently taken away from me for now, but I will get it back one day. ACTUALLY SOON THIS SUMMER!! ITS BEEN 2 YEARS AND I WILL RETURN THIS SUMMER!!!!

Discord name: (FireEmoji)Popper1357(FireEmoji)#1357 and to all who is seeing this, pls help spread my youtube channel other than kogama and just anywhere lol. Thank you to those who subscribe and supported me!

Roblox, my account name is Popper1357 with a Domino Hat.

Tiktok: Popper77777

Im a Christian if your wondering XD. I do change as a person as time passes by BUT I will still be somehow the same person LOL! Then continue to change as time goes by... (T^T), Not everyone stays the same you know but hey! At least will still be somehow you in a way! (or not XD)