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Hey Guys! Itz Me Pusheen and I'm gonna tell you some stuff about me. (I won't be showing much because I wanna hide my identity)

Name: Private
Date of Birth: Private
Age: Private
Nickname: Nattie or Nat
Game Nickname: Pusheen (Pls use it)
Gender: Female
Where I live: Private
GOLDEN BFF: Samethma
BFFs: Nimeth Hansindu, Jie Di Lia Gamer, kittyplaykitty31, Susu Rainbow Dog 123, stefan gg bro and boom box 24
Friends that entertain me: Popper1357, Girlunicron34, Samethma, kittyplaykitty34
Good Friends: .-AztchH-., jake the nice panda, Popper1357, X_x_Devi_x_X and SkullWolfGirl
New Friends: LEE XIN YU .Blossom. SullWolfGirl, Diamonds in the sky, kogama steave minecraft and lovedemandercupcake

Note: Just because you're not on my bio doesn't mean I hate you. You are all good friends no matter what! :)

Favourite Bands: BTS and Blackpink
Most Favourite Youtuber: Lankybox
Personality: I get bored easily and gets sometimes gets impatient and gets car sick easily
Loves: Playing with friends
Hates: Being bullied, doing nothing, hates scary related stuff, doesm't want any of her friends to swear and if they do then she will report them and Hackers >:(

Fun Facts
1. I'm half asian and half aussie
2. I hate big insects
3. I love Minecraft
4. I play the Piano

I really don't know what to do but maybe continue building Piggy and the Kogamian City game.

Pixel Art

hehe ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

That's it! Thxs for being my friends and stay safe from COVID-19!
Also make sure you visit all my friend's profiles to learn more about em!