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Joined KoGaMa on Feb 2, 2020

hey, welcome to my profile
real name: why would you need to know?
discord username: SuperMarioWar17#4771
gender: boy
age: 12 (turning 13 next year)
about me: I am very busy and cannot talk to anyone in time, but I do return from being AFK and you will be friendly here, I speak English but my main languages are Polish and Russian
address: I will never tell you
lives in: romania
favorite games: Grand Theft Auto III, Max Payne 2, Max Payne, SuperTuxKart, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Bros, Hello Mario Engine, Mari0 AE, Mari0 online Windows, Kogama

Can I talk to you?
I am busy and I cannot talk to anyone on time, but I do return from being AFK so keep an eye out :)

Can I appear in your Kogama video?
Maybe. I will film you and upload my video to YouTube.

that is all, bye