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Joined KoGaMa on Mar 18, 2020

----The Warrior Alliance---

We are a pvp clan in kogama, we are still one of the smaller clans but we are growing fast!

Recruitment Requirements:

- Play kogama
- Are able to pvp in kogama but we can train you if your not too strong in pvp
- Are able to adapt to our strategies and WANT TO BE PART OF IT.
- Not toxic
- If you use any hack clients, you cannot use them in multiplayer games, but they are accepted to make models and avatars.
- Can quickly take orders and will be able to pay attention to the chat box

We offer different ranks and roles based on your skill and contribution to the clan

We hope to see you on the battlefield!
Well i am the leader of WA and i am in SAF, NH and IR. I like bazooka jumping and sniping from far away

Member of SAF [Swiss Armed Forces]
Rank: Obergefreiter - Private First Class
Leaders: CrazyGamerGuy and KenDaBeast

SAF is a KGM PvP clan, if you're not good at PvP don't worry, we train everyday so you get better and trust me it works. Want to join SAF?
Ask me and i will tell the leaders you want to join

Best friends,
1, Elizabeth Afton 2009, my sister
2, 乂DJ GHØST乂, The person who contributed the most to WA
3, XxInfiniteDeath666xX345, a friend in school who could have a better choice of name