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Joined KoGaMa on May 15, 2020

my name is Alex!

I accept friend requests ONLY from active players i reject only 1 to 30 level players. i delete some to make room for new ones!

Favorite color: Red, blue
Favorite food: σουβλακι,πιτογυρο
Favorite games: Among Us,KoGaMa,Roblox

Best friends: everyone! ;)

Girl: Xx.αʅҽxαɳԃɾα_MყHҽɾσ_AƈαdemiaxX she did me the worst prank! but i still love her :)

I dislike: BakuDeku (its because they are ruining the MHA show)

Any way! Thank you for reading my bio! Have a nice day my friend! :D