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lore: the were 2 shrunks. one of them desired peace, the other desired power. the dog shrunk does not agree with cat shrunk's idea of power. the 2 shrunks engage in a world ending rap battle. cat shrunk is filled with anger, all of his fur was stretched out and surrounded by rage. dog shrunk shedding a tear before he starts, knowing that he himself, will end his brother and the world. dog starts his line, cat interrupts him sending a blast of scribbled words. dog was defeated, but at the cost of cat's rage, he fell too. The world was not destroyed, to this day we can still hear them rap from the sky.

Every Fergy ever:

Fergy Jr. https://www.kogama.com/profile/24951375/

メPurpleGuy https://www.kogama.com/profile/667437475/

Jake McFergy https://www.kogama.com/profile/24858610/

more will be added to this list i dont have time wahhhhhhhhhhhhh



I couldnt believe it. I was able to play Kogama again. Nostalgia and memories flooded my mind as I made my account. I remembered screwing around and trying to make houses from cube guns in WAR 4. I wanted to try building first, as I never tried it since the last 5 years. When I chose a block, it looked glitchy and corrupted. I tried to delete it but it kept coming back. I found a logic block and connected it. Turns out cube model hiders were really useful to make things. So I made a model named Friend. I added text boxes and attached all the logic to the button. After all that hard work, I made a working logic A.I (sort of). I was bored so I decided to play Steve Parkour.


I havent played Minecraft much myself, but I think its pretty fun. The parkour was simple itself. You jump over the poison and do wall hops. I figured out you can jump higher, so it made it way easier. The game was empty though. So I went back to Friend to see what questions he had. He said: How are you doing? What is your favorite food? But for some reason he said this: Do you feel something lurking around you? I never implemented that into the logic. Something must have hacked the game. The glitched block also got bigger. It was late so I went to bed and slept.


Parkour games and adopt mes were pretty too boring for me. I decided to bring it up a notch play The Dropper. It reminded me of some blocky player clutching with a water bucket. It was one of my favorite games, some of the levels are hard but youll get through them. But this game also used the glitch block, and it looked more corrupted.
I thought to myself, is this a prank? Does Michal know this was intentional? I got out of the game and started building again. I asked Friend after I made some buildings. Still pretty basic things like: Do you like cats? Have you ever been to the moon? But another one of these disturbing lines I didnT put in was this: Has a bird ever been left paralyzed to die and rot? It freaked me out. This was enough Kogama for today.


I couldnt figure out what was happening here. I just wanted to have fun. Instead, its creeping me out and I dont like it. But my curiosity was killing me. I have never fell into the void. What things could be in there, will it affect the whole thing happening to me? I tried.
I kept falling, endlessly into the empty void. My brain was finally smart enough for me that I can just exit out of the site and log back in. But it never worked. Curiosity kills the cat. Im gonna find a way to get my keyboard working again. For now. Enjoy me falling in the void for 8 hours.


So far everything was ok, all tame but a bit strange. All I wanted was to play a simple game of Kogama. Seems like Im going in a huge rabbit hole. I started falling in a regular void, nothing was strange until it got darker, disturbing faces started replacing the clouds. They were dark red filling the sky with pain and agony. Were those victims of some sort of entity? I shut down the computer in fear that it will place in a virus. The next day I woke up, everything was back to normal. I decided to play WAR 4, a classic. The number of players there were unusual for some reason. It was a very popular game ranging from 200 to 100 players. It was 50 players all the sudden, then 30 and it kept going down numbers every time i refresh the page. I played the game after hesitating for 30 seconds.