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Joined KoGaMa on Dec 15, 2014

Hello there..
What do you want from me..?
If you want to be friends with me.. well.. I don't..
I can give it a try.. but there is a low chance..
I can life well without friends.. I know.. I am the most time alone.. idc if I am alone..

You may scream to me..
You can say ''it's all your fault'' I know it can be hard for me to learn from my mistakes..
You can hurt me.. it's okay isn't it?

I don't need more friends.. can give it a try but the most times I regret it..

I can hurt you..
I can hurt your feelings..
I can make your day worse..
I don't want to have friends I dislike the most..
I think the most are annoying.. No need to worry (Friends)
I can get the smile off your face.. I't's makes me feel like a horrible persen.. a monster..

I describe myself as a bad friend.
I don't trust you..
I can make you think that I am careless to you.. but secretly I can care that much..
I can make you worried.. I don't want to make my friends worried..
I can make your day worse..
I can get your smile away..
I can be a bit rude or rude to you in the start..

You still here to know some info about me? Isn't it.
I dislike a lot things.
You may know what I dislike, 10 things I dislike for the most.

1 Bullies.
2 People's that want the best for me but don't care about my feelings..
3 People's that know what makes me feel down and hurt me for revenge..
4 Fake friends..
5 People's that are using me.
6 Liars and people's that show off.
7 Myself..
8 Emotions.. you better don't talk about my emotions.
9 I dislike it to be around people's the max for me is 3 people's.
10 People's who don't accept me the way as how I am..

There are more things that I dislike but it's too personal.

Things I like.
None of your business, find it out by yourself.

1 more thing.. about gold scams..

Buying gold with gold is fake..
Like you buy 1 000 000 gold with 10 gold it's impossible..
Ways how to get gold..
1 Buying gold (Real Money) Or you buy elite (Everyday 20 gold)
2 Level up.
3 If someone buys your model or avatar..
If someone buys your model.. person pays 10 gold.. you will get 1 gold..
If someone buys your avatar.. person pays 140 gold.. you will get 14 gold..

Some models are destroyed at the other side (Parts that you can't see on the photo)

You may share this information about gold scams.. it isn't obligated..
Have a good day further..