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> Don't expect greatness where it's not nurtured.

I am no longer active on KoGaMa, and the reason for that is explained in my farewell post below. I do not wish to interact with anyone from the community, either, unless you were a kind or silly soul. Be aware.


It's been almost a full year since KoGaMa Buddy's last update, and.. honestly, I don't know if I even want to continue the project.
KoGaMa used to be dear to me, but members from the staff and moderation team, as well as parts of the community, have changed that feeling.

Ever since stepping down from the moderation team due to being sick of being around those whose actions were questionable, and whose standards of moderation were hypocritical and unjust, I've grown disdainful of everything relating to the game. Everything, and everyone.

The game's staff doesn't listen to its playerbase, and the server's moderation team is garbage. Features no one asked for and changes no one wants. Harassment of individuals and no apology when called out. This is wrong. Let's look at a few examples.

Take this latest issue: account security is practically non-existent, and this fiasco with players being logged into others' accounts could have been prevented. Jens reported this issue *three* years ago. Three! Staff ignored his warning, and look at what happened.

Now, the Discord server is filled with misinformation, from trolls and young users who have no idea what's going on, and even the mods. The mods! .. No, it's not an attack. No, you don't have to reset your password once everything is fixed. Stop being misleading. Stay informed.

Then there's the time I offered a solution to combat console cheats, and you know what their "solution" was? It's a joke, that's what. Like, it's sooo easily bypassed, and worse yet, I can make a single post, and anyone who gets it loaded onto their Feed is reported for cheating.

And you know what makes THAT even worse? Anyone who gets the aforementioned post loaded would likely be purged during the next ban wave, and the oh-so-helpful OKS mods would tell you that "staff doesn't ban for no reason", and that staff "has proof". This whole system is a joke.

Everyone is just so ignorant on what is truly going on, making assumptions and jumping to conclusions. And to this day, I haven't forgiven the mod team for all they've done, not only to harm me, but the rest of the community they oversee.

I miss Mads. He was a great community manager, who understood what a community was, and who put the community before moderation. We're all friends, and he wanted to create a welcoming environment for us. After he left, the mod team became a dumpster fire.

Moderation was prioritized above community, and every call-to-action felt generic and forced. Mods often looked down on others, and at times, even targeted members of the community, either due to gender identity, religion, or simply because of hate.

When the first ban wave struck, even the mods who were known for using cheats told the newly-banned users that they got what they deserved, and to deal with their punishment. I cannot, in good conscience, say that staff and mods were in the right.

And there's plenty more examples of the moderation team being garbage towards the community. And the sad part is.. I used to be like them. I used to conform to their rules, all because I thought it was right. But it's not. Leaving was the best thing I could have done.

So, where does that leave us? With my disdain for the game and its community, will there ever be another KoGaMa Buddy update? Surely, I can't just abandon 400+ daily users, right? .. I don't know. I really don't. What would even be the point? The game is destroying itself.

What will happen to KoGaMa Buddy? What will happen to ProGraMa Studios? Will all our projects just disappear, never to see the light of day? I don't know. Working on projects used to be fun, and I loved trying to improve upon the site's broken state.

But now? The game itself is in a broken state, and ever-so-slowly, the community thins. Perhaps, I'll revisit KoGaMa Buddy, and improve its codebase, to show off all I've learned. But for now, I shall focus elsewhere. A certain farming game beckons.

So, then, I suppose that means KoGaMa Buddy is in hiatus until further notice. Don't expect any updates, unless something majorly breaks and is in need of a patch.
It's been fun. I sincerely hope the game and community improve, especially in regards to its moderation team.

If there's anything to take away from this, then let it be this: everything and everyone is flawed, and sometimes, we need an outside perspective to learn what it is, to accept it, and work towards improvement.
Keep on being awesome.

~ awxi, 2022-22-02