Fallen Angels

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Joined KoGaMa on Dec 21, 2014

my old nickname was "toothless vip gamer pro" i changed it to "Fallen Angels"
My story in KoGaMa:
hello i will tell you the story of my great paste in kogama, enjoy !

i knewed KoGaMa first because of my little brother who played some map as tourist in games online but there was just on or 3 maps, so i played it with my brother( bay-max230) and my cousin (_ GamerShadowGalactic _) )their actual account and name) at the end of 2013 but as tourist.
i created my first acount on the summer vacation of 2014 i didn't remember the name x) , but some week later i lost this account.. that maked me sad and angry.. i created an other account named "lagron" for me and my brother and my cousin was named "_cs_", at this time i was obssessed to have skins and gold in kogama but i didn't know how also i played the game every day and night with my brother and cousin and make some friends and i tried to make cool avatar for someone can buy it for i have gold but some days later i lost this account, i raged lol but my cousin lost his account too he maked an other named "CSyl3" and i maked again an others account named
"snap shot skylanders vip+" yup.. i was i love with skylanders... also i added the old friends of my old account and continued to convince people to buy my skin or my models with no succes... the skin i wanted to buy first was the scorpio by cicada3301
i obsolutly loved this skin and stalked everyone who has that skin or an other i liked.. so nostalgic.. i has more cool friends to talk in maps and the diversity of peoples that are not now before it was so cool. i wanted so bad golds for skins more and more and one day i lost again the acount... fuuuuuuuk !, lol you will laugh why ;) i was on yahoo and yahoo is shitty and i allways forgot my password, that all. i was stupid lol, also i created an other imail account on gmail and an other account ( this account ) that was named before "toothless vip gamer pro" i was in love with that dragon.. (and this is the actual account where i write this) also allways obssessed with skins, gold and popularity lol
i go sleep i will write it later lol

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ toothless vip gamer pro
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my chain youtube : kendai ottaku : link -----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl-M1evAsd7CarULNA2Im_g
my name for skype : kennyfazbear34
my name for roblox : skrill229
my old account : snap shot skylaanders vip+ and lagron
my name: kenny
my age:17
me boy
country: france ( im french )
im chef of team z one
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aymen arfjy
antonio ITA VIP spartan
_swatvip_ chef team swat
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