Giorno Giovanna -_-

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I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream. It is to end racism. And also to become a Gang-star. Me and the boys protect this girl named Trish. She is a bitch sometimes. UPDATE: Ok, so apparently that one guy named Bruno Bucciarati betrayed our boss, because he wanted that good ol'pussy, if you know what I'm saying. But since our motto is "bros over hoes" we had to help him, so i guess we all are traitors rn. Except Fugo. He left us. Pussy. UPDATE2: Well, shit hit the fan. One of the boys died yesterday, but he was a dick to me, so screw him. Also there were these two guys, Chocolate and Secco. I don't know who the second guy is, but the first one was a surgeon and he was bad and shit. The point is I decided to be cool as fuck and punched him with a speed of light for about 30 seconds and after that I threw him into the dumpster truck. It was cool. I'm cool. Fuck Chocolate. UPDATE3: Yeah, we won. I got an arrow and pierced my stand so hard, it created a new version of my stand. It's pretty epic. Now I can get all the diamond in Minecraft. Also 3 of the boys died during our trip to defeat the boss. May they rest in peace. Their deaths were not in vain, I have a new pet turtle, new OP stand and I'm currently the boss of mafia. It was fun. I should do that more often. Arrivederci!