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Hey guys! It's... Linkky!! Also known as the one and only "LinkkysCreations"/"Daniel288Link" from the Friends Server! I have been a proud member of KoGaMa for the past 7+ years. KoGaMa has always been an amazing experience for me since day 1. :D

I am a Moderator on the Official KoGaMa Discord Server, (Join link: discord. gg/kogama). Don't be afraid to ask me or any of the other Moderators there for help! We are always there to help guide those who need help with things about KoGaMa.

I am the creator of The Floating Land series: a game series that mixes puzzle and adventure elements into one. The series has been running strong with 5 games ever since July 2013. I plan on adding many more games to it in the future! I am currently in the process of making another game for it as you are reading this message. Say what again? The title/theme of the game? It's a secret. ;)

My irl birthday is on September 22nd. My KoGaBirthday’s are March 6th (www) and June 16th (Friends).

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Instagram: @LinkkysCreations
Twitter: @Linkky7

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