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Joined KoGaMa on June 16th, 2012 @7:00:37 PM.

LinkkysCreations created a "wormhole" effect by using Vertical Rotators back on February 26th, 2014, which quickly evolved into many popular parkour games showcasing a "spin art" design on their game photos. The "Linkky Wormhole" can be found especially in his Game of the Week 2 winning game, SpΣΣd of Lϟght.

Former KoGaMa Discord Moderator, former HotW Committee member, former EBC member, first ever Avatar of the Week badge recipient (Friends), Game of the Week 2 badge recipient, KoGaFriend recipient.

Weekly Highlights:
Friends: #1 (Avatar), #20 (Model), #32 (Game), #50 (Game), #51 (Avatar/Game)
WWW: #228 (Game), #239 (Game 2) #253 (Avatar)

Other Features:
KoGaMa 2019 Trailer: 24/9/2019
Community Showcase (www): 13/8/2019, 20/8/2019, 10/9/2019
Community Content Showcase #3: 16/9/2020
Classes Contest (Friends): 21/8/2019

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