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Joined KoGaMa on June 16th, 2012 @ 7:00:37 PM.
Hey guys! It's... Linkky!! Also known as the one and only "LinkkysCreations"/"Daniel288Link" from the Friends Server! I have been a proud member of KoGaMa for the past 8+ years. Pioneer of the "spin art" game photos that you can see on some parkour games out there. :)

I am an active KoGaMa speedrunner from the USA, and currently hold a few records including the WR for _Soldier-KOGGOMK_'s map "Forgotten Power-Slippery shoes", and the WR for High Jump and Slippery Shoes in L.R.W.'s map "Power Intermixture". I have also done iconic speedruns of jolba's maps "Christmas Runner" and "Dungeon Run". I am also very active with doing KoGaEvents! I greatly encourage people to start doing more speedruns here on KoGaMa and creating speedrun leaderboards for your games! ;D

I'm a Moderator on the Official KoGaMa Discord Server, (Join link: discord. gg/kogama). Be sure to always ask us Moderators there for help if needed! We are always there to help guide those who need help with things about KoGaMa.

I'm the creator of The Floating Land series: a game series that mixes puzzle and adventure elements into one. The series has been running strong with 5 games ever since July 2013. I plan on adding many more games to it in the future!

My irl birthday is on September 22nd. My KoGaBirthday’s are March 6th (www) and June 16th (Friends).

Weekly Highlights:
Friends: #1 (Avatar), #20 (Model), #32 (Game), #50 (Game), #51 (Avatar & Game)
WWW: #228 (Game), #239 (Game 2)

Other Features:
Community Showcase (www): 13/8/2019, 20/8/2019, 10/9/2019
KoGaMa 2019 Trailer: 24/9/2019
Classes Contest (Friends): 21/8/2019

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