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Joined KoGaMa on Sep 15, 2020

-name irl Joseph
-fact about me is my two middle names are based on my grate gram-pas
my gram-pa Samuel was fixing broken planes
and my gram-pa Jeffery he was in the navy and he fought for britain in Egypt
-i love,bts,black pink,stray kids,exo,twice,red velvet thts a k pop band
i love to build so feel free to ask me to build with you
-my current
my curent gf= phycofang
-i love heavy metal rock music
-plz dont be offended i hate anime hiss!
-0_0 you mare still here dam how you read mall this ****
-i am kind i am very independent
-i love death skulls
-fav colors black,blue,purple,
-fav music/song
dynamite by bts
gods menu by stray kids
exo obsesion
your still here damn bye this is my bio