Fire der Herrscher I.

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Joined KoGaMa on Nov 2, 2020

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Hello you are on the profile of Fire der Herscher I.
I will tell you some thing about me.

Real name: unknown(I do not want to tell you it here, but you can ask me in Privat Chat, maybe I will tell you it :))
Clan:Hydra, Fireanions, Creeper Clan, Teufels Clan, Imperium (Clan), Chaos Clan, Clan Union (Hydra, Fireanions, Chaos Clan)
Clan Position: Member (In Fireanions Chairman)
Age: 13
Hobbys: Gaming, Football, Guitar, Piano
Favourites Bands: Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte, Scorpions, Rammstein, Dire Straits
Favourite food: Chips, Burger, Pizza
Best Kogama Firends: Lord Pford Imperialer Soldat, Mega is AmonUs, Malou 8/2, Tornado506, Darkerebus
Please join my Clan.
Hey do you need in a game some animations? ask me I can animate what you want!

My goals in Live:
Protect the climate and the World
Build inventions for Timetravel
Be the best Pilot in the World
Find unknown ways of Live
Be a good Football player
Be a well known musician

Thanks for reading my bio
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