.robot fire king.

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Joined KoGaMa on Nov 19, 2020

Hi, I am Jacob and I live in georgia and I am a kogama fan. My favorite game is KoGaMa.
My favorite avatar I love is sonic. I have so much friends I can play with but I also MIGHT have some elite friends. I was born in 2014 in new york and I just have a nice day. Play KoGaMa because it is so good and so fun! play with your friends play build, share games, and more! I have some cool friends to play with so I play with them. KoGaMa is 2 player and you can meet each other! Dont forget to friend me and tell me what your name so that I can know you.

How did I find bio?
I learned it from update profile then I saw zip speed said "bio update" and then I also learned it from layton1.

Why do I have lots of friends?
People always friend me but there is a limit!

Why do people like me?
I say "Nobody likes me" and someone says "I like you robot fire king." That is why people like me.

Why do I like to make friends?
I like people that are cool at parkour, funny games, and more.

My birthday is May 27. It works in any year as long as its May 27. Let's just say 2021.