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Hello My name is BloxyYTPlayz I am the manager and the owner of the Rp Company called: Gamer Inc.

About Gamer Inc: Gamer Started December 2020 with a simple tower called Kogamer Inc. HQ in 2021 the HQ was demolished caused by members. On January 2021 The company decided to build a new Map called: Kogamer Inc Computer Core, Later then In April (The Present Day) We have decided to Change the name fomr Kogamer Inc. To Gamer Inc. Which Will Be Remastering Sci Fi Bacon Master Base.

Incidents: The HQ was damaged on Late December 2020 after the user Coolduetry10 Destroyed parts of the 2nd Floor.

The User .henrystickman Put a comment that the company didn't tolerated

Gamer Inc. Computer Core Was Temporary Down due to The Updating Causing A Delay Due to being offline.

Attack had occurred in SCI HQ board meeting about the Gamer Inc. 1 User was left Injured. The Accident Occurred January 2021