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R.I.P 0_0 MYSterio +_+ (6 secs quiet pls) thats enough lol

so hey
age~4015 days
fav food~french fries
food i hate~ice cream,cakes
birth date~my best friend also dont know lol if thwy know then 0_0
~bestfriends~ dont go away lol
1. drunken disco~ not my best friend my biradar xD he shares everything with me and he is very good so yea the best person i met
2. avni~ not my best friend my sistar xD se is very nice to me since i met her & she cares alot bout me so the most caring person i met
3. dark phioneix~ he is my most oldest bestest friend he is very loyal he respects me so much & he is a good hacker so u guys dont report him otherwise ill unfriend u lol
4. s@hra~ she is a very good person and i belive her very muchhhh and i trust her too and she is one of the bestest friends for meee
bye guys
if u want to be here than dont tell me to add u if i trust u ill definetly add u :]