Joined KoGaMa on Jan 12, 2021

im demon bla and this is my 4th account and now ima tell you the other accounts i had. first the one was in school then this one
https://www.kogama.com/profile/23798426/ ( i didnt lose that one but it was my second) and this one https://www.kogama.com/profile/50282737/ so yeah. my best friends are fhgkijkj and Xx_TheDancingDemon_xX and .-.bonbon.-. and funtime_galaxy_wolfie and Føxy_198727 and Total_Slime9 and inky inks
i dont have a favorite food and my favorite colors is black and red
i like roblox and among us and kogama and little nightmares and bendy and the ink machine
im good at building and im good at parkour
im a pro