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Joined KoGaMa on Jan 14, 2021

i'm twixer but you can call me twix! i love pop tarts! feed me pop tarts lol!

i like cool people LIKE YOU! ^w^

i use too many faces ;w; >w< ;-; .-. -w- QwQ UvU UwU >_> XD :D :I =3 ;>; T<T yeah!

i'm 11 ;-; POV: your going to Brazil! >:3

*realizes i have human ears and cat ears* O_O

ha! i'm so confeused now! OwO

humans are fantastic people! ^v^

some are not for some reasons ;-;

i'm goofy sometimes >w<

and loving! :D

thats all you need to know about me! have a nice daaayyy! ^w^