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enjoy :D⚠️Attention to all K o Ga Ma people please read this⚠️
If you played a game with someone who got framed , Like for example i played game game with someone and when i went on there account someone framed that person as a bully,hacker or a Scams even if they are not, I can tell if they framed .
1. Not telling proof
2. Making up proof witch is not real
3. Telling people not to trust them even when they tell the truth
So if you see those 3 things I told it means there are not hackers, Bullies or Scams
And if you framed someone and banned them for no reason just because you hate them it means that you should get banned and learn your lesson not to frame people because that is so mean :( . So if you see messages like Report Cutie girl the 2 or Report E/E/E or Report XX_Cool Shadow Gamer_XX or anergtina44 that is all fake so if you saw those first people who told you to report them it's a lie . Copy and paste please
#No Framers #Framers should be banned from the internt #Framers should not frame .