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Joined KoGaMa on Mar 27, 2015

Hello guys im mateicazan and i was born in 2/01/2004 in Japan and my Familly love me so first Plush was Sonic The Hedgehog and i taked him everywhere when i was a child.......but.....when i grow up i found this game called KoGaMa and i logging in 2015..and thats how im here playing KoGaMa and now lets get started with my things!

-Joined KoGaMa date:2015
-Best favorite creation:Made by murdered
-Hatting:Nobody for now
-Creepy jumpscare:None
-Games created:30
-Models created:39
-YouTube channel:CreeperHD and Sonic Gamer
-Real name:Mat
-Most Games played:7.625
-Best friend's:.doggo lol.,FlaviusLocal
-Console's:PS4 and PSP and Mega Drive and Xbox One S and Dreamcast
-ROBLOX name:Patafion and newlaneterofcubelol
-Most famous game:Made by murdered
-Brother:Alex but got kiddnaped and died <:C
-Enemy:Nobody for now

And if you see im not playing KoGaMa thats means im AFK or i playing ROBLOX or i dont play a month or a week KoGaMa but remember!I never hate KoGaMa and you guys

And my profile to know is

Thanks for read my Bio!