Flowey HD

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Joined KoGaMa on Mar 27, 2015

Lets take over da world shall we? :]

-Joined KoGaMa date:2015
-Avatar:Flowey the Flower
-Favorite game:Frost Festival
-Last badge:Lunar New Year 2019
-Name:Flowey HD
-Brazil Name:Flowey HD Brazil
-Old name:mateicazan 5/27/2015 - 6/12/2019
-Creepy jumpscare:None
-Games created:36
-Models created:42
-YouTube channel:Secret..
-Real name:Mat
-Most Games played:8.864
-Best friend's:Everyone maybe?
-Twitter:Secret :]
-Facebook:Secret :]
-Twitch:Secret :]
-ROBLOX name:Patafion
-Most famous game creation:Made by murdered
-Brother:Alex but got kiddnaped and died <:C
-Year:Secret :]
-Enemy:Nobody for now

And if you see im not playing KoGaMa thats means im AFK or im playing ROBLOX or i dont play a month or a week KoGaMa but remember!I never hate KoGaMa and you guys

And my profile to know is www.kogama.com/profile/5172015

Thanks for reading my Bio!

Hint:I dont rlly got all da badges due dat im too lazy to see the News with Badges XD