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Did you know that KoGaMa is since around september 2022 own by a swedish company?
It got bought up by the company "Adventure Box Technology AB (publ)" that is originated in Stockholm from the former owner of KoGaMa "Multiverse ApS", originated in Cobenhagen.
I think this is the reason to why KoGaMa has since september 2022 gotten alot more changes and updates than usual.

https://www .linkedin. com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6975407854128128000/ (remove spaces)

I am afk (away from keyboard) quite much, so if I do not answer you in a game, you know why.

I am a member of the [TFL] Swedish Empire

Check out my YouTube-channel called KoGaMa Andrers:

My KoGaMa Forum profile: https://kogama. freeforums. net/user/8011 (remove spaces)
Successful bug reports: 4
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In longer periods I have not played KoGaMa, and during these periods I just visited rarely. Right now I am quite into the game though, as well as building my own games and recording videos on my YouTube channel KoGaMa Andrers. Just recently I have started doing video commentary in them, so I speak while playing.

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My top position in global xp leaderboard: nr. 7 (05-2020)
( My username back then was .harley. )
Now: 48


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