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Joined KoGaMa on Feb 25, 2021


Q: How old are you?
A: 16 and 3/4, my birthday is on the 20th of July.

Q: Why do you play KoGaMa?
A: When I was 15, my cousin showed me KoGaMa. I was hooked, and I never quit.

Q: How is your life?
A: It is nice. My depression is close to gone, but sometimes I hit a curve.

Q: Where are you from?
A: A country where snow falls for 6 months of the year. I am from Canada.

Q: Do you have any relatives on here?
A: My cousin got banned forever in September of 2021.

Q: I heard you code. Is that true?
A: Yep! I am good with Lua and my plan is to learn about JavaScript.

Q: Is true that you hacked many players?
A: If 11 is many, then perhaps...

Q: Who are your comrades?
A: Astro, LocalSimp, Immature. Some things never change. Do not forget Emme, Ren, Snowbun,

Q: Will you continue to play KoGaMa?

Q: Social links?
A: My discord is Ch_ad#0401, My YTs are ICantJustDance, Ch_ads diss tracks, and my twitch is itschadorflyger

That is all. Bye!