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Hi! I will tell you about me. My name is Elizabeth. I like the color pink. My favorite Friend Of All Is Emma D, -Dark-W-A-, rexraptor5, dark_crystal, -_- Dark Kitty -_-, and last but not least Candylove99. I am 12 years old and I have a green and blue eye. If my eyes are fully blue, THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO RUN! But you are glad I am too lazy to change my eyes to blue. I have the fear of fire and Michael has the fear of the scooper and Chris has the fear of the UNKNOWN and my Mother has the fear of driving and my Father has no fear. Never ask for anyones password (KOGAMA PASSWORD) cause you might hack their account. Please do not pretend to be me. My favorite food is Vanilla Ice Cream. Thats all so... BYEEEEEEEEEEE! level 2 ✔(turtle badge ✔)║level 3 ✔ ║level 4 ✔ ║level 5 ✔ ║level 6 ✔(Cat badge ✔) ║level 7 ✔ ║level 8 ✔ ║level 9 ✔ ║level 10 ✔ II Level 11 ✔
thats all the badges i have so far! i will have new ones in the future. Goodbye my friends!