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hi guys my name is heather/carmen if you see this profile REPORT IT IMMEDIETLY AND HACKERS BAN THIS STUPID CHILD ACC https://www.kogama.com/profile/667104098/ and mybest buddy is rik and ammi and everyone!and also i play roblox too much and get me a cyberbully. whats a cyberbully? a cyberbully is the act of bullying someone through electronic means (as by posting mean or threatening messages about the person online) cyberbullying and also what happens in cyberbully? in happens
A teenager is subjected to a campaign of bullying by classmates through a social networking site. Teen girl Taylor Hillridge gets a laptop for her birthday and signs up on a social networking site. She starts to feel alone as her friends ostracize her and she falls victim to cyberbullying now you understand what does cyberbully means did you know the oppisite of SAD? its DAS XDDDDDDDD YOU HAVE BEEN TROLLEDXD its hard too tell a joke but also i like piggy roblox because there is a chapter update ''named chapter 11 camp outpost'' but i like willow VS tigry one because wilow is cholking tigry and tigry had passed out because of the cholking and thats why he passed out and also did you guys watch how to train your dragon the hidden world and how to train your dragon 1,2,3,4?its so AWSOMEEEEEE but also its viking traditional so im confused the piggy endings only dollastic plays i need to tell a joke for this

knock knock

whos there


michal who?

michal the creator of the game kogama


this aint a joke