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https ://bigfarm .goodgamestudios .com/?country=us&lang=en&clp=1&journeyHash=162204225577612307&referre&lp&w=66902&ic=7T-4QGYW-P-US&w=199947&r=CL&nomobileredirect=true (remove spaces)
lmfao ignore this huge link : )
User: Ultima Chan prnt .sc/B-20xZ5vguRQ (remove space)

and yes I do play this game often : )
more often than kgm ^ ^
Okay, I want to get this off my chest so I can stop thinking about this:

Cunerex, I don't know if you'll ever see this but you're one of the worst people I've ever ******* met. When we first met, it was on the fr server and you offered to help me revise my ice slide game. Things were okay at first but you just started destroying my game. You nearly destroyed my whole entire game as well as my minigame. My friends helped me fix it but then later it just got worse. With -Dragon Fruit- you acted so nice and kind, but then when she was away you deleted so much stuff and tried to blame it all on me. I obviously told her/them in pm chat, what he was doing. So she spied on us and when Cunerex thought it was just us in our area, he started deleting blocks. Skipping some other stuff to make this shorter:
Cunerex, you basically manipulated me and my friends as well as yours too. Not to mention you tormented me for so ******* long while pretending you were the victim of me bullying you. Then when I finally got on the global leaderboard (lvl 45) (it took so long lmao), you acted like we were friends. FRIENDS. RIGHT? IT'S WEIRD. YOU ACTED LIKE WE WERE OKAY WITH EACH OTHER. LIKE I WAS TOO. LIKE WHAT HAPPENED? You were pretending like we knew each other as friends and playfully talking to each other sometimes too. LIKE WHAT THE F*CK? I will NEVER ever forgive you for what you did to me. The fact that you did this to me when you were 7. I'm older than you yet you made me go through so much that I basically lost myself. Things got worse after that like my mental health but who cares am I right? Cunerex, I hope you ******* die. Or get karma one day. Please, just leave me alone. You're one of the people in this entire universe who needs to get help. Get a therapist.