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KoGaMa Forum Website: https://kogama(.)freeforums(.)net

KoGaMaBuddy is an extension on FireFox to improve your KoGaMa experience.
Curious on what it unlocks? Here are the features:

1. Online, Do-Not-Disturb and Offline Mode.
Screenshot: https://prnt(.)sc/o8835EMOs2JB
Online Mode allows you to get Desktop Notifications.
Such as:
- Private message notifications.
- Model/avatar bought from your shop.
Do-Not-Disturb Mode turns off Desktop Notifications.
- Avoids distractions when busy.
Offline Mode allows you to be seen as invisible/offline to others.
- Takes place after 5 minutes when it is on.

2. Background Option.
Screenshot: https://prnt(.)sc/7QsOde1iHirZ
Instructions to set a background:
- Find a game with a thumbnail of your choice.
- Copy the game ID in the URL.
- Write it anywhere in your bio like so:
background: 00000, filter: none;
Extra Information:
You have an option on how you want to display your background.
Such as:
- background 00000, filter: none;
- background 00000, filter: blur;
- background 00000, filter: light;
- background 00000, filter: dark;

3. View Wall Posts.
Screenshot: https://prnt(.)sc/D2P_mOsX42nO
By clicking View Wall Posts on the top right of your profile, you have the ability to see all the posts on your profile.
The Nuke Wall button specifically deletes all posts on your profile at once.

4. Visibility Of Game Name.
Screenshot: https://prnt(.)sc/EIg4cpyKrfI8
With this you can:
- See the name of the games people are playing.
- See the name of the projects people are building.

5. Favourite Friend Option.
Screenshots: https://prnt(.)sc/cCy2ePHWgifX / https://prnt(.)sc/iY6sOEOw2AVD
On any of your friends profiles, you can select Favourite.
By clicking the button it will:
- Display that person above Online friends.

Where To Find KoGaMaBuddy Link?
Search in FireFox:
KoGaMaBuddy Extension.

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There are parentheses (brackets) in the links
so I could have them in my bio.
To view a link, remove the prentheses!
Enjoy it!

Discord Account Profil: ハ S o ツT i ツ R ツi S ハ#9793
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