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Joined KoGaMa on Sep 27, 2021

Holle EveryoneI will introduce myself to you

real name : ritedj My backup account name: ilove bts 7
Things I like :(≧▽≦)
The first is the anime⁦(๑♡⌓♡๑)
second K-drama( ◜‿◝ )♡
I love to help my friends, but at the same time I hate hearing people's problems because I don't get anything from them and I can end my friendship with you if you piss me off⁦。◕‿◕。
Languages ​​I speak: Arabic, English and French

Languages ​​I want to learn: Japanese, Russian and Spain

note: May be my backup account name ilove bts 7 But I hate them. There is a reason. Go to YouTube and you will understand⁩ I won't hate them for no reason

That's it. Bye :( ❛ ᴗ ❛.)✧◝(0▿0)◜✧(≧▽≦)→_→←_←←(>▽<)ノ