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Joined KoGaMa on Feb 19, 2022

Name: Mealah
Age: 11
Fav food:Pizza and chicken wings
Fav game: Kogama
Grandma: i dont know how to spell
Creating game:Mifanl
Ohter game:Deathlea
I have 8 avs

Fav youtuber:Amp world
Fav song maker :Kb
If you wanna know more 'bout me look down

Game age:20 now
Daughters:Midnight,Demonkitty, wolf cute rose and for got her real name idk
Friend that i miss:Firewolf2011 she was my Step-Mom
Well yall know that my emney is:Tennyqueen Idk why i hate her hehehe
Type of human: wolfish demonish angelish
I have a demonish wolf tail hehehe
Im rlly hurt by water cause water+wolves=death,bloody coughs,barfing blood or blood tears. If yall ask why there is ice on my av its cause the ice is a difftent ice for wolves i creatd for myself the lava rll matches me
My mom rlly loves me
Spider mag taught me magic
Tofu now is loving her magic
Mifanl is my soon to be posted
Gender:I'm a female and wont change to be ohter sides

i have 3 exs
I have. A bf
a bbf called;あᴇ ᴇאあ