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hi my name is Zainab and Im 10 years old and I play with my sister Hareem 32 and my most trustful friends are kinghekel,amor101414,playerx314,godypro159pro
nivic1123165 hbg 45476 ftvrftgvcrtfgy and aliday1 and my birthday is in december 13 and my birth year is 2012 and I know I look like a boy but I'm actually a girl and my hight looks like a 12th grader but moving in grade 4 and I add anyone in my friend list all you need to do is add me and I'll accept it plus I love my sister more then anyone in the planet and here's a link of my of my favourite character by the way if you don't know his name his name is XD james he has a wife 5 kids heeko his son haiko cookie koko hoo his daughters his wife's name sadako
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