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Joined KoGaMa on May 26, 2014


Hello,i'm GamerNexusGamer (Known also as Dogeritoz on discord and others social media),playing KoGaMa since 2014 until the end of 2016 where i sort of lost motivation.
I'm still playing this game sometimes,mostly to check the news,but also in more rare case updating my games/creating new games.
I used to be a bug reporter and was pretty active in the community,nowadays i'm just here to see how evolve KoGaMa,i don't know if i'll make a real comeback on KoGaMa since that been a long time ago already i've lost all motivation to build frequently.

Also i only build on my own games (when i have motivation and ideas) and i can accept your project request,but i won't join the project to help you.

More random infos:
I have a youtube channel
Won also 8 times game of the week lol,4 times video of the week.
Used to be Leader of BPT and creator of Ko-Gaming,both group got discontinued.