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Welcome to the true chad's profile!

My name is Felix! I'm also known as Abaddon (or Ab in short). I'm a guy who's older than 1 who likes training, gaming, drawing and storywriting!
I used to be a moderator on the official KoGaMa Discord server and an admin on the KoGaMa Wiki. I'm a veteran player (I have been in this game for over 7 years!). If you have any questions about the game, I'm sure I can help out. :)

================== ~ About Me ~ ===================

IRL name: Felix (Doesn't matter if you call me either that or Ab. I feel comfortable with both)
Birth date: October 18 at some year after 1990
I can speak: German, English, Japanese
Favorite music genre: Metal
I like these kinds of games:
-Strategy RPGs (especially Fire Emblem games)
-Older FPS games (Quake, Doom and many more)
-Online Shooter Games (mostly Overwatch)
-Sandbox Games (can't give any accurate example. I enjoy a lot of 'em)
-Any kind of fighting game (Smash Ultimate, Street Fighter 3 and especially Tekken 7)

============== ~ Other facts about me ~ ===============

-I've been homosexual for about 4 years. Even in the younger ages, girls never peaked my interest, that's why I decided to go for that.
-I like training so much that I am currently able to do cool stuff, like lift anything that weighs more than 100kg with ease.
-Fire Emblem, one of my favorite game franchises, is what made me start with storywriting, surprisingly. At first I only wrote little stories until I went on to longer and different (partly even more modern) stories.
-I started drawing at a young age, where I started with drawing Pokémons. I'm good at drawing different characters and creatures and improve at drawing landscapes as well.

========= ~ Social Media and other platforms ~ =========

(Side note: Remove the brackets around the dots before entering the URLs)
Twitter: https://twitter[.]com/abaddon1810
Discord: Abaddon#1810 (You can now send friend requests to me again)
YouTube: https://www[.]youtube[.]com/channel/UCdjvitKO_h2zcTjCvzMzkLw (only used for commenting thus far)
Steam: Abaddon (friend code: 368790274)
Spotify: https://open[.]spotify[.]com/user/pizzi181001?si=jaLGvsdnRVqc_aRyH3WP-A
Twitch: abaddon181001
I do also have other social media accounts like on Facebook, Instagram and others, but I won't reveal them as these are my private accounts

=============== ~ Prevent mental abuse ~ ================

If you're trying to act tough, are rude and bully others for no good reason, read this.
Mental abuse can usually hurt a lot more than physical abuse, leading to symptoms such as depression and thus a lack of social skills, an inferiority complex, hurting yourself physically and even worse symptoms.
Mental abuse is usually caused by different opinions on the internet. Other reasons would be people targeting specific people to attack them, trying to let out their rage and pain on someone else thinking they're safe just because they hide behind a large monitor. That way they insult you, your loved ones or do other things to hurt or threaten you, whether it is spreading false rumors about you, destroying your creations (which is the case in this game or similar platforms) or even going so far to sending death threats to you.
Whether you are a victim or a culprit of mental abuse, please get some help. Your friends, family, even therapists are there for you to help you, although you should not only rely on them, but also on yourself *wanting* to stop (if you are a culprit) or fight back (if you are a victim).
Work together. Stop any kind of mental abuse. We should all try to make the internet a safe place for everyone.



That's it. Bye.


Also, additional shoutout to Disevolution for being an absolute sweetheart. <3
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