Abaddon Lionis

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Welcome to my profile.
So, I'm Abaddon Lionis. You can call me Ab, if you want to keep it short.
Well, I'm
-17 years old.
-a male.
-1.86m tall.
-85.7kg heavy. (Fun fact: I can lift stuff heavier than me. 120kg is the limit, however.)
-a Satanist (a significant change indeed, but I rather would like to return to being one. I feel more comfortable with that for some unknown reason.)

I like
-being respected.
-helping my friends whenever I can.
-doing sports.
-listening to Metal (Metalcore, to be more accurate).
-doing things in a rather creative way.

I hate
-people who like to ruin other peoples' lives.
-people trying to be show-offs.
-religious people who are naively going around and telling everyone to believe in that crap.
-people who hate other people because they're extremely different.
-getting instructions all the time. I rather do things like I want them to be.

I play a bunch of video games in my spare time. There are a few games I play a lot of time, like:
-The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
-Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
-Kingdom Hearts II
-Mario Kart Wii online (with Custom Tracks)

Other things I usually do in my spare time:
-Writing stories
-Doing any kinds of sports (especially Basketball and Volleyball)

That's pretty much everything you need to know about me. Thanks for taking your time to read my bio and have an enjoyable day.