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My advice when you have been on KoGaMa for around 3-4 years and good things happen bad things happen when you own a group friends and loose it you realise and wake up and figure out who was there and who was not, success is the best Revenge one time in my life I was in your position reading this of another Bio which you wish you was successful and its all about thought make something that No one else now I'm telling you and just wait and a Miracle will happen get on your two feet and believe in yourself you don't have to always be famous by owning a game try building, effect or making a project that shows care and thought you put into it and that is effort and effort is 100% what you need in life to push yourself forward step by step patience is key if I didn't wait I Wouldn't be here today and I would not be writing this.
My Best Friend Ever Pullahiiri- and Insmo <3

I Am Owner of Cube gun ax My Owner acc is -XMX-. But sorryfordead have steal it!