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Hey there.~
I wish u every happiness ur heart can hold.~

10/01/2018 ❤️
Michael1100: Already a year and 6 months together... :3 I'm so thankful for you, ure an angel from heaven to me c':
Nobody compares to ya and u made me feeling as happy as nobody have ever did...
With u world seems prettier...ure my gold and my favorite hello and goodbye, i love eveything about u...ur imperfections...ur perfections...and the real u <3
You're the only person that knows so many stuff about me and that still accepts me as who i truly am with all of my flaws... I know we had argues and im sorry if sometimes i was the reason of them or i forgive ya if ya was the reason, anyways whatever happened it made us closer to each other than we were.. ❤
Ya are the reason why im still happy and I love ya a lot baby, you make my world unique, and complete, im so thankful for everything u have done for me... i will never let u go i promise, because you are part of my heart and my heart keeps beating just for u, i promise ill always be there for ya too, just like ya have always been there for me too.~ :3
Remember that. *hugs ya tightly * xoxo❤️

Aaliahashmi606: Thanks for giving me advices in the past when i didnt even know what to do at some moments...yeah we had fights(as u said) but these days are behind us and we will create alot of good memories more for sure! Ure an amazing friend and thanks for everything u have done for me. Xoxo <3

ProGal: The best gal I could ever have. lyyy potato❤️❤️

❤️ xxxᴛᴇɴᴛᴀᴄɪᴏɴ ❤️