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Joined KoGaMa on Jan 16, 2016

Welcome to my profile! I'm Kelim! A French guy loving Parkour & Logic.

I joined KoGaMa on 16 Jan 2016, I'm part of the Community, helping it and the Developers since more than a year now.

My B-Day is on November 1st.

- Join out my Discord Server: discord. gg/2P3jZd5 in which I host Weekly Events and giving a lot of gold to winners! :D

My Accounts:
- Friend Server: _Kelim_
- Br Server: _Kelim_
- Forums: bit. ly/KelimForumsKGM
- Instagram: kelim_kgm
- YouTube: www.youtube.com/KelimGamer

How to Change Player Type:
- To play KoGaMa on Standalone (launcher): bit. ly/2D9P2nw
- To play KoGaMa on WebGL (browser): bit. ly/2Rjv4JY

- If you need help, you can ask me through Discord (I'm moderator in the KoGaMa Discord Server: discord. gg/kogama) or through the Forums!
- To contact the KoGaMa developers to report something or ask for help, send an email to: support@kogama.com