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Welcome to my profile! :block_happy:

I am Kelim, from France. I joined KoGaMa on January 16th 2016, and I am contributing to it and its community through various aspects since the beginning of 2018! I particularly enjoy creating content, whether to play or watch, Speedrunning and Parkours! (especially hard ones)

• CHECK THIS OUT! ► https://www.youtube.com/c/KoGaSteelStudios

=== Community ===
• Join out the Community on the KoGaMa Official Discord (at discord.​gg/kogama), there are a lot of cool people in it!

• Also, join out KoGaEvents (at discord.​gg/2P3jZd5) where I host Weekly Events for the community to have fun together! :D

=== Accounts ===
- Friend Server: _Kelim_ (212933)
- Brazilian Server: _Kelim_ (3662471)

- Discord: Kelim#4218
- Instagram: kelim_kgm
- YouTube: www.youtube.com/KelimGamer

== Need help? ==
• If you have an issue, need help or have a question regarding KoGaMa, feel free to contact @modmail#0676 on the KoGaMa Discord Server (discord.​gg/kogama) which is driven by volunteer Moderators for the Discord Server (and I am part of them!)

• Alternatively, to directly contact the KoGaMa Staff for payment/accounts issues, go to https://www.kogama.com/help/ and click the red button at the bottom right.

=== Miscellaneous ===
*Pssst, ever heard of this Firefox extension called KoGaMa Buddy?
https://addons.​mozilla.​org/en-US/firefox/addon/kogama-buddy/, I highly recommend you to use it to enhance your experience on KoGaMa!*

Have fun on KoGaMa! :haha:

#KoGaEventSquad :sword_yatta:

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