Balt Tlab

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Joined KoGaMa on May 8, 2016


Brazil server:
Friends server:

My first account was balt. tlab (without spaces) but I forgot the password to it 1 day later immediately

First game I played in kogama: OSTRY
How I found kogama: A10 .com
My previous main account: bonnie000gamer
My first account: balt. tlab (remove spaces)
My previous username: Balt. tl@b (remove spaces)
My account password: imheretowasteurtime7123224
Do I accept random friend requests?: No (I don't accept them for a reason, not trying to be rude or something)
Do I invite people to my project?: I only invite people THAT I trust (they also must ask me first)

All chat commands (and what do they do exactly):

/ru - hides your GUI but cannot be changed back unless you rejoin
/wave - makes your character wave it's arms
/yes - makes your character nod it's head
/no - makes your character shake it's head
/hd - enables HD mode (more, smoother shadows)
/say - people far away can't hear you but your typing is visible to everyone
/team - only your teammates can hear you
/all - everyone in the server can hear you

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