Joined KoGaMa on Jul 23, 2016


Hello friends I am LanceLucky to started to play kogama on July 23, 2016 to my fnaf like my dream is to have the game of the week but that will be later and also say thank you for your apono fnaf map and also say thank you to my good friends Let's start years: I have 14 years name: my name is carlos my taste: fnaf I like my characteristics: pvp: 62% parkuor: 100% build: 89% best friends: nelson andres, games, ronjatron, carlos ivan leonidas. creating models: 85%. creating skines: 72%. my favorite animatronic: Funtime Freddy. level: 17 friendly: 78% angry: 32%. friendly: 79% Gold: 100 got gold. 200 gold completed. 300 gold completed. 400 gold completed. 500 gold completed. 600 completed gold. 700 completed gold. 800 gold completed. 900 gold completed. 1000 gold completed. 2000 Gold completed. 3000 gold completed.